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What’s Emerging Next in Social Trends 2013 [Infographic]

What’s The Next emerging in Social Media World ,its importance to Social Media Marketers

& in social marketing strategy?

Finding the disruptive trends around the world is hard. How do you stay on top of the constant stream on news and noise in you Twitter, Facebook and other social media streams? Video is gaining in momentum, technology and popularity. Now is the time for businesses, brand and artists to make sure they have video sources online.The rapid spread of mobile technology is signaling profound changes ahead for the attractions industry. The numbers are staggering:

Mobile Trends: Making the most of smartphones and tablets.

Mobile video will represent 66% of global media traffic by 2017, which is up from 51% in 2012, according to this infographic from and sponsored by Uberflip. Find out which online video platforms gets the most traffic, which two social networks are trying to dominate the video sharing market, and more by taking a look at this graphic.The upshot is that more and more consumers will be using mobile devices for information, entertainment, socializing, shopping, and activities that we haven’t even thought of yet.The quality of media(video) available on devices such as the iPad lends itself to creating memorable experiences, on and off site. “Mobile video technology is heightening people’s expectations of how interactive things will be.

They expect rich media experiences, whether it’s watching video or sharing things—like ride pictures—instantly,” says Karron.

Growth of Mobile Infographic

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